Second Kinks Konvention

Poster of the Second Konvention




After the success of the First Kinks Konvention, it was clear that repeating was about time. In the beginning of 2013, talks of how to make it started to take place, and the organization of the previous konvention (Jose, Iñaki and Manu) was joined actively by Carlos, who was of great help. Again finding the venue for the concert was the most important part and the Intruso Bar seemed the most appropriate place. The date was settled on 8th June.

The previous experience made us improve several things in the organization, for example, this time tickets were made and sold in advance on the internet and at the Escridiscos record store. On the other hand, it also made us more ambitious with the activities. The first Konvention had been a success and we had all enjoyed it a lot, but it had almost been reduced to the Village Green Experience concert.

Manu had the great idea of making a talk, which he presented and organized along with Carlos. The El Argonauta bookstore kindly gave a space to make it and we had the pleasure to count on the prestigious journalists Juan de Pablos and Luis Lapuente, who made us have a great time displaying their knowledge of music in general and The Kinks in particular, and sharing funny stories.

In the afternoon, we attended the long-awaited premiere of the documentary We're Not Like Everybody Else in the famous Café Comercial, who was also kind enough to give us a room for the projection. The premiere, that thrilled everyone to the point of making drop a tear to more than one attendant, had the presence of the director Àlam Raja.

And of course, at night in the Intruso, the performances of several fans and the wonderful Village Green Experience concert took place. The concert even surpassed the First Konvention, with an amazing 30-song setlist containing several obscure songs for the delight of the fans.

Without doubt, a day to remember.