First Kinks Konvention

Poster of the First Konvention




For many years, Spanish Kinks fans had looked up with admiration to fans in other countries, who enjoyed their high-profile Kinks Konventions. Thanks to the Facebook group of Spanish Kinks Fans, we had the idea of making something similar. This project wouldn't have been possible without the great Jose Casas of the Village Green Experience, who got on board from the first moment and organized everything along with Iñaki and Manu.

Everything was a mystery, we didn't know how it was going to work out. The hardest part was looking for the venue, but... Which capacity? How many would we be? What if the venue we rented was too large and it ended up empty? Or if it was too small and we let people without attending? In the end, after talking to different venues, we decided upon the Costello Club in Madrid. With its Cavern-like look, it seemed to be a very appropiate place.

At last, the big day arrived: The First Kinks Konvention took place on 19th November 2011. In the morning, some of us met "unofficially" to get to know each other and get ready for the big moment. And during the night the great Village Green Experience concert took place, which, preceded by the performances of several fans, made the delight of all the attendants. Even though we competed with a Valencia - Real Madrid and we were on the night before a general election, as all the documents seen here confirm it was a big success by all means, with more than 100 attendants and a sold-out venue.

After the concert there was a small raffle and the director Àlam Raja interviewed several fans for what would be the base of his documentary We're Not Like Everybody Else.